Herewith is a compendium of national campaign finance reform in America today including bills presently proposed before Congress.  It is a research effort.  It is meant to assist your own knowledge base and give everyone a basic, even starting point.  The idea of the Citizens Congress is for idea sharing, discourse, and developing a national strategy that we can all get behind.  Not a series of lectures per se.  Some articles and reports were too long to include in total.  In those cases we gave the authors summations and/or a link to the full report.  It would be too lengthy to catalog all of the state initiatives as well.  As it is, this compilation is 145 pages in length.I encourage you to please print this document and bring it with you to the Citizens Congress for reference.  You are encouraged to share it.  Please credit the authors and sources. We look forward to your participation June 2nd to 5th.

Thank you,

Bill Ostrander – Director


Citizens Congress Compendium 05/21/2014