The first national gathering of legislators,

scholars, and public advocacy groups combating

the corruptive influence of money in our political system.


Democrats and Republicans agree, the gridlock in Congress has frustrated the American people and complicated the critical decisions our country faces.

Our representatives in Washington are unable to render solutions for one reason- money.

Since the 1970s, corporate business organizations have focused billions of dollars to organize and lobby for legislation that favors their special interests. This money buys access and influence in Washington; it dominates our policies, and corrupts our politics. Polls indicate that 90% of Americans favor removing the corrosive influence of money in elections.


We are a non-profit volunteer group of concerned citizens comprised of teachers, doctors, nurses, farmers, firefighters, web designers, business owners, artists and others who know that ending government corruption should be the number one national priority.

We are non-partisan in our pursuit of this issue and are developing and working successfully with organizations across the nation who are deeply committed to restoring balance and faith in our political system.


0c8408d19ab35f6568163b8085128484William Ostrander



“I am viscerally motivated by blatant inequalities.   Government should reflect our highest ethical aspirations not as a portal for personal remuneration.”




3576392c47dc398a634ad92bec18b635Dianne Jackson


Elementary School Teacher/Volunteer

“I felt compelled to get involved because the fair play and ethics I was teaching my young students was not embodied in my government and the world it shaped.”




5d2ee51e1a3080383cb68d64d3d52787Dr. Thomas Rippner


Semi-Retired Medical Professional/Volunteer

“My motivation for getting involved in the Citizens Congress is bolstered by the incredible unfairness in both our political and business practices.  Those with money virtually now dictate the direction of our country.”



62d15269e853b2267c4b738da941eb1dDr. Norm Jackson


College Professor/Small Business Owner

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” –Mark Twain




2124d98b3c53d4ecfea5340edecd2741Jason Hart




“Working together for the public good is what makes our country thrive, but Washington will never be able to respond to ordinary citizens’ needs until we get money out of politics.”



7f83cd7777dc6970055937e5f782bf7eChristopher “Obie” O’Brien


Professional Design-Build General Contractor

“I am always working in ways to make the world a better place… for tomorrow… and today.”